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Evan Blaustein
Color: Cyan Blooh
Mimobot: Luke Vader
Movie: LOTR trilogy
Band: Phish
Bio: The mastermind behind the mimobots works around the clock to bring you the finest mimo-products this side of the milky way galaxy.
Dan Urbano
Color: Fluorescent Green
Mimobot: Hangyodon
Movie: PI
Band: Dinosaur JR.
Bio: Dan likes bikes, art, color theory and arguing. But his true passion is logistic and supply chain management.
Lillian Chan
Design Director
Color: Currently, it's PMS 261C (Purple)
Mimobot: HBO Little Britain USA/Vicky Pollard
Movie: Shaolin Soccer
Band: 2NE1 (K-pop Extraordinaires)
Bio: I draw. I design. I make comics. I love Hello Kitty, sneakers, Lumines for the PSP, obstacle courses, and looking at food p0rn.
Rafael Baptista
Color: Blue
Mimobot: Holybot
Movie: The Road Warrior
Band: Astrud Gilberto - I like to keep it loungey.
Theme Song: The Bond Theme
Bio: I was that nerdy kid with the graph paper notebook. I write software. I like Italian motorbikes and Danish modern furniture.
Kristie (a.k.a. The Humanoid)
Customer Service
Color: Ultraviolet
Mimobot: Rainbow Dash
Movie: Notoriously bad movies like R.O.T.O.R, Mac & Me, and Flyin’ Ryan. Bonus points if it’s on a VHS tape!
Band: Animal Collective
Theme Song: K-Flay – Bossy
Bio: Loves: Good vibes. Glow poi. Sour gummi worms. Reiki. Being a Pokémon master.
Michelle Kim
Shipping Manager
Color: Gray
Mimobot: Le Beer!!!
Movie: Rushmore
Band: Graham Coxon will always make my heart flutter
Bio: Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight!
Lisa Kurth
Interactive Designer
Color: Pink (in any and all shades!)
Mimobot: Fionna
Movie: Anchorman
Band: Smashing Pumpkins
Bio: Designer. Tea addict. Kawaii badass. Dreamer. Ridiculous cosplayer.
Jon Straube
3D Artist
Color: Black
Mimobot: Batman
Movie: The Dark Knight
Band: Metallica
Bio: I'm a creator first and foremost, but my ideas usually find their way out through funny animations and drawings. Next to drawing and comics, there's few things I enjoy more than bringing Mimobots to life with fancy 3D animation.
Scott Seraydarian
Dir Media Development
Color: Forest Green
Mimobot: It's like picking a favorite child... if I have to I'll go with Ptry
Movie: Quest for Fire
Band: The Doors
Bio: This mimo-media man is usually armed with some type of capture device and loves most kind of collaborative creation. He's good with his hands and fun at parties.